wtorek, 12 stycznia 2010

Supersize Me

                  Supersiz me is a documentary film. It 's about a man who decides to eat fast-fodd throught out thirty days. He would like to see what will happend with his body.

                  The main chracter is Morgan Spurlock. He 's a normal man, with a normal life. He 's something like experimental rabbit. His body isn 't accustommed to that diet. He eats fast food all the time, for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner and for supper.

                  I think a film like this is needed. It 's a warning to young people against eating fast-food, which aren' t the best for us. Is small quantities it doesn' t do us any harm but we must remember about this film.

                  I like this film and it' s very good. Everyone should see this film, especially people at my age. 

środa, 28 października 2009